How to measure

How to measure dress size accurately

How to Measure Dress Size Accurately:


How to measure dress size for the most flattering fit

Bust size: Measure around your chest, at the fullest point of the bust (not under the bust).
Waist size: While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. The crease that forms is where your natural waist is located; measure there.
Hip size: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of the hips.

How to measure dress size and read a size chart

Compare your bust, waist, and hip measurements to the designer size chart. It’s very important that you order the largest size that corresponds to your measurements. For example, if your measurements are as follows:
Your bust fits a size 12
Your waist fits a size 10
Your hips fits a size 8
We would advise that you order a size 12, and get the dress altered down to custom fit your body. Ordering the size that fits your largest measurement will ensure that your dress has the most flattering fit possible.
On each product page, you will find a dress size chart for the designer of the product you are viewing. The designer’s size chart outlines their specific standard sizing measurements. Every designer is different; therefore, every size chart is different. Some designers don’t allow us to place their sizing information on our website. For sizing information from these designers, please email us at
Wedding apparel is typically sized differently than retail clothing, so it’s not uncommon to find yourself requiring wedding apparel one or more sizes larger than your normal dress size.